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Name:John Meysa

Affiliation: Anti-Hero

Trait:Scared head, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Smokes heavily

Story: Ever wake up with a hangover from hell, and not remember what happened last night? Well imagine that, but not remembering anything from before that day at all. And your in a post apocoplyptic desert…And you got a hell of a scar on you head…..And there are mutated beasts approaching you from every corner. And you only have four shot gun shells left.


Well thats how John Meysa woke up this morning. Pissed off, hungover and no idea where or when he is. John has faint memories of 2015, but from what he see’s this place is not home. But is this barron wasteland truly Home? Or some horrible future he somehow got teleported to?



A/N:Yeah its not the best picture, but I am doing my best to start coming back to this community. I’ll probably have an updated picture at a later stage.

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