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Added note: Yes, I am aware that the planet logo on his chest is NOT Mercury. But seeing as the description from the generator said that his home planet was destroyed, I figured that he wasn’t from Mercury anyway. The logo on his chest is a representation of the planet that he’s from.

I imagine he got his name rather like this:

Captain Mercury: This Admiral Beefheart is a dangerous man. Someone’s going to have to stop him! Perhaps that someone is me? *dramatic superhero sigh* But I’ll need a name!

Bystander: How about the Void?

CM: Too obvious. Other heroes, and villains, have taken it.

B: Time-and-Space Man?

CM: Too confusing.

B: The Astonishing Man With Void Powers?

CM: Now you’re just getting ridiculous.

B: Well, how about Captain… something? Lots of good heroes have names that start with Captain.

CM: Ah… I should name myself after my deceased planet! From this moment on, I shall go by the name of Captain Chrocklfishcalevarcoarprelantonogglecriswo…

B: Dude, just stick with Captain Mercury. By the time someone’s done screaming your name they’ll be dead already.

CM: *meekly* That works too… I guess.