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And now The Blood Phoenix story has a villain or two.

It had gone bad from the start, with anything that could go wrong going wrong.
First Katherine missed her fight, then her contact at the airport was ill and before she know it she was deep in trouble.

“Interpol has jurisdiction for now, so it would be best if you cooperate…”
Another lie, that id was fake and your not from Interpol.

He leaned in closer, poking her to punctuate his threats.
“Or am i to had you over to Agent Suchīrurōzu?
They call her the Steel Rose, apparently she can be quite the artist with that blade of hers..
You just think of that while i go over your luggage for drugs…”

With an unblinking stare the masked woman guided her at sword point into a side room and then locked the door leaving her alone.

Juanita fought back the urge to smile as she slide the thin carbide saw out from it hideing place…