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Well as going to post my Haunted character’s next, preferably in order of appearance/importance, but since it’s Christmas, I’m going to have to post Broken.

Brooke Rotta had a perfect life, she was happy, pretty, popular and had made head cheerleader. But she could be mean to other kinds.
One day something she heartlessly said to another girl hit home so bad, the girl committed suicide.
Broken was devastated her words could have such effect even though her friends and parents tried to blame the girl and not Broken.
But around this time it was evident the happy home wasn’t so happy and her parents had a ugly divorce.
After her parents went through a messy divorce and her brother was adopted by strangers Brooke ran away and lived on the streets.
She vowed to never hurt anyone with her words, feeling she was also the cause of the divorce. So Brook called herself Broken and took a vow of silence.

She is slightly disturbed young woman, she loves broken things and collects them.
She even helps the homeless and mentally or physically disabled.
She wears mismatched clothes and even her Christmas tree is decorated with light that half don’t work and some only work some of the time, broken ornaments, old scratched cds, paper chains made of old CD liner notes, stale and flattened popcorn strung as garlands. and Angel made from an old tarnished spoon with a fragment of lace and wings cut from a paper plate.


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