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I hope you don’t mind I came up with a Super Mom Villain.
Victor Coffman aka VIRUS
he spreads debilitating colds, flu and pneumonia by touch or breath weapon (cough/sneeze)
He was a scientist working on coming up with cures for cold, flu and pneumonia, but he was fired when he got too close to finding a cute due to pressure from pharmasutical companies that was afraid of losing millions of dollars if the cold was whipped out
He was attacked as he was cleaning his lab, and was exposed to various strains cold and flu he had been working on to eradicate. Victor now was a carrier of many strains of the viruses. In his anger he used this against his attacker then his heartless boss. The viruses have had detrimental effects on him and he no longer cares about humanity and will spread his viruses at will with anyone who crosses him.

Here he is in coat, pajama pants, slippers, leaving behind toxic tissue in his wake.

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