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Alright, first new design after my long semester hiatus…the redesign of the villainous Foreshadow. Foreshadow is the leader of the cult know as the DARK, or the Disciple Army of the Rightful King. Trained in a form of mysticism long forgotten, Foreshadow is in complete control of every part of his life, including his soul. This form of meditation allows him consort with the spirit world as well as a form of precognition…however, his most impressive ability is the reason Foreshadow is centuries old. It is considered an honor among his disciples when their master’s body becomes injured to elderly to be released from their bodies so that Foreshadow’s soul can inhabit their hollowed husk. Foreshadow’s face is always covered, as his body changes over the years. Basically, Foreshadow is the Freelance Universe’s Ras al Ghul. Hope yall like the redesign.

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