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Following the death of his teenage son, Andrew threw himself deeper into his work than ever before. He began to study the gene in dying humans and was adamant that he could cheat death. After months of work he had finally come to the conclusion that he had found ‘Immortality’. After announcing he was going to make himself immortal, Andrew went missing and all thought he had died, though there was no body to be found.

Well he did find immortality in a sense. For Andrew discovered that although the body is mortal, the soul or spirit is immortal, hence the need for a grim reaper to take it on to the afterlife; However he found a way to bind his spirit to his body and thus remain on earth until his spirit is unbound.

Andrew discovered that the unknown gene disappeared almost immediately after death, and surmised that it must have some importance. He had managed to keep a human in ‘stasis’, they were on the verge of death and Andrew managed to keep them alive by keeping the ‘gene’ active. Unfortunately there was one side affect, the skin and flesh would deteriorate at a much faster rate, leaving only the bones behind.

At that instant he realized that you cannot immortalize something that is mortal, but what if you could bind the immortal to the mortal?

(Haven’t thought of a villain name for him though).

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