Welcome to the forums.

As Skoul said, your images aren’t showing up, not through any fault of your own, it’s a glitch the forums are having that we’re trying to get sorted out. In the mean time I would suggest uploading your pictures to another picture hosting site (such as DeviantArt or Photobucket) and then posting the links to the pictures in the insert image box on the top bar of the reply box, that way usually works from my experience.

As for poses and stuff like that, it is all practice. There are a few tutorials around in the forums Tips, Tricks, How-To’s and Guides section and a number of custom poses for you to take a look at in the Custom Item Archive if you so wish. Personally, I prefer to work on the character, rather than try and make an awesome pose, because I’m not that great at posing either.

Anyway, please make sure you read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already, and if you have any questions just ask, the community is very friendly and helpful and you should get an answer from someone.