Welcome Drewzer001. Firstly I can’t see your images, did you post links or add them as attachments.  Secondly posing is mostly trial and error, most of the time it will look bad, but it helps to have reference pictures. I like to use reference pictures because you can see the pose and where each body part needs to be and how big each needs to be.  The one thing I will say is don’t limit yourself to only the body parts and items your given – you can use heads for so many things, like thighs and shoulders. Personally I would look in the custom items archive section at other people’s poses and get some inspiration and I’m sure there are some posing tutorials too. Finally don’t despair if your final outcome doesn’t look how you pictured, start adding clothes and you will be able to cover up gaps and imperfections.  And if you don’t know how to already, learn how to mask as it is a life saver when posing as you can’t always just re-position and rotate  the given items.

Oh and look up JR’s character building tutorials, they should be on the main blog page, they are really helpful and I learned a lot.

Happy Machining!