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@JR: If this outdated map is correct, there should be a dance floor to the left of my temporal lobe, but I did a whole lot of refurbishing a while back.

At the age of seventeen, the day be fore her try outs for the national gymnastics team, Sara Bryk was blinded in her right eye when her drunkard of a father shot her while intoxicated.  After a while her left eye began to compensate for the loss of her right one, but she could see better than before. The loss of her eye had triggered the dormant gene in her DNA to activate. Her left eye had a severely reduced blind spot, increased peripheral vision, increased visibility at night, she could now see ten times further than a normal human being and clearer than someone with 20/20 vision. By nineteen Sara had been taken in by A.E.G.I.S. They gave her a bionic right eye, that was by all means inferior to her left eye but incorporated thermal and night vision as well as  being able to calculate distances and trajectory. They helped her improve her already outstanding athletic and gymnastic ability and taught her to use pistols.  By twenty one she had become one of A.E.G.I.S’ ‘elite divison’ under the pseudonym of Silver Bullet.