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Last time I promise, sorry again Nug. Back by popular request, or is that request from the popular?

& AMS – Thanks fellas, like I said before I love the way shading looks (looking at you AMS) but I don’t have the patience for it (150+ for everything). Nug relly has a solid design here, I just felt the superman-esque symbol didn’t do it justice, but I agree he captured the sexy without revealing “too” much. Took your advice which is always welcome, that’s how we grow (boy did that sound kinda corny). Anyways took some liberties with her face/hair.

– Thanks for the compliment on Aries and letting me share in the spotlight even if I did weasel my way in 🙂 and looking forward to what you come up with in the way of Nug’s Incredibles and other creations in general

@Forum goers – We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread hosted by our good friend Nug.

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