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Herr D

@JR:? You didn’t explicitly say the toy soldier could be from more than one person, so let me know if you want this to count. If you do, I’ll post the code.

: Less a joke–more a funny thought for the Christmas celebrants  . . .

If you put your dead in a cemetery, you’re ordinary; if you dry out and decorate your dead and put it inside a building with lots of shiny stuff, you’re Egyptian royalty. If you compost dead trees, you’re ordinary; if you put a dead tree in your home with lots of shiny stuff and decorate it and let it dry out–you’re ordinary. Yeesh.

Jack: Happy thought 2nd try: Kids are ingenious. A kid in a laundromat saw a woman drop a sock and said, “You dropped a clo!” (A brand new singular of clothes.) Linguists call this backformation, as a side note.

@Samerkaul: Name for a knight would be something like Sir Gerald of Dewbury, then to take the name Brenner, for the German word “one who burns” or Abednego, because a knight might think of a biblical name for someone thrown into a fiery trial. They were supposedly holy warriors, after all.