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Para CantDraw, un arbol de navidad

Anyway, sorry I’ve been being a bit slow on these replies, been veeeeeeeery busy. So lets go.

: Ok, I’ll see what I can do with him then. As for your question (even though it does appear the answer is a bit academic now, but for future reference), I’d say yes, because it’s just common courtesy, plus, as was the case here, the first gift may have been posted whilst the second person was typing up their post, and therefore wouldn’t be aware that the gift had already been given.

@Samerekaul: Nice, like the diamond shaped lights in the trees.

: Niiiice. List pour favour, so me and Linea can give you something in return.

: Not bad at all, at least you got to use something from a previous Santa Swap (which one can appreciate, using a gift to give another). Do you mind if I have a go at your 5th gift as well? I know CantDraw has already given it, but I really want to have a go at it. If not I’ll see what else I can do from your list.

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