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Wolf Master

Ok next is Rosanne,a vampire. She does not go by an alias because she has no family to protect. She was infected when she was young by a vampire called Aldrich, who she later hunted down and killed. She managed to cope with her condition for a while but when she was 16 she couldn’t resist anymore and accidentally killed her boyfriend, subsequently she was hunted down by a vampire hunter going by the name of Van Helsing. He could not find her but he did find her family, assuming they too where vampires, he killed them. After discovering everyone she loved was dead she hunted him down. But instead of killing him he began what he hated most, though she was almost killed in the process. She has since been a member of both the legendary legion and the night watch after helping them fight supernatural threats. Vampirism gives her super strength, agility and senses (though her eyes are sensitive to sunlight, which is why she always wears sun glasses)as well as sharp teeth and nails. But she is also cursed with a thirst for blood and longer she goes without feeding the weaker her powers get.

I also have redone Captain Inferno in a similar style to zealot. At some point I will probably redo all the founding members, though I have no idea how to make Ape look good.

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