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Wolf Master

Ok here’s a new villain called the huntsman. When he was a boy he lived in England but aged 15 he fled the country after getting involved in a drug gang. He migrated to Africa. At first he lived in a city but he left and soon became attuned to life in the wild. One day he came across a dying man who claimed to have been attacked by a mysterious beast so he made the decision to hunt it down. When he found he almost died fighting but eventual killed it with just a machete, mysterious as it blood contacted his skin it granted him mysterious powers, but allow with came the urge to kill and he soon began to attack tourist eventually taking the name the huntsman and becoming a villain after fighting zealot, who he has since developed a deep hatred for. Recently zealot traveled to Africa to finish once and for all but surprisingly the huntsman surrendered and became a hero under the name the Jaguar. But he soon after turned to his old ways. He has look retractable claw on his hands, is incredibly strong and agile,he also has primal senses allowing him to hunt his prey with ease.

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