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Wolf Master

Here is my newest hero spectrum i decided that from now on my character will be fully zypped because they look much better that way.

Spectrum was just a boy when he received his powers. He save a mysterious man who in return gifted him with his powers. He did not realize his power till he almost died when he fell of a cliff. Suddenly his body turned into pure light energy and he flew to safety, he vowed there and then to use his powers for good. When he was 25 he came across Blitz injured on the street, so he took him in and nursed him back to health. He did not know Blitz was a hero till he took him to see the legendary legion to thank him. He showed the his powers and the offered him a place on the team, he has been a valuable member ever since. His power allow him to project light blasts and turn into light energy form. In his light energy form he can travel at the speed of light, control his energy, turn intangible and is immune to virtually all form of physical harm.

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