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Fantastic shading on the new Golem Queen!

Thanks, Vampyrist. It’s amazing how much can be done with so little in HeroMachine.

Here’s the leader of the Thule Society, Heinrich Himmler:
 photo Himmler_zpsdd3a8cb5.png
Name: Eldritch Thule
Alias: Heinrich Luitpold Himmler
Team Affiliations: Nazi Party, SS, Thule Society.
Enemies: Golem Queen, Three-Star General, anyone of Semitic descent, anyone who opposes him.
Race: Human
Birthplace: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Powers/Abilities: Presumed immortal, Skilled tactician and interrogator, Ability to control animals.
Bio: Read Himmler’s bio at But where history claims suicide by cyanide poisoning, Himmler had nurtured an avid interest in the occult, unbeknownst to Hitler, and had discovered an alchemic means of surviving the poison. Instead of death, the combination of poison and potions put him in a state of suspended animation while he still presented outwardly with signs of a cyanide suicide.
Himmler would later awaken and escape from his grave, seeking out like-minded members of the Aryan Brotherhood to join his Thule society. As years passed, he discovered that not only did the potion allow him to survive poisoning, but he hadn’t aged a day since faking his death.
In modern times, Himmler took on the identity of Eldritch Thule, presenting himself as a wealthy German philanthropist in order to acquire as many occult artifacts as he could authenticate. Himmler’s later encounter with Regina Grant and the Spear of Destiny would also imbue him with the ability to control animals, much the same as the Golem Queen is able to summon and control Golems.