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Wolf Master

First up is Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard. When the portal first opened between Asgard and Earth Heimdall saw it and alerted Odin. Alongside Odin they first went through the portal to Earth. He acts as adviser to Odin as he is incredibly wise though he is a man of few words. In addition to usual agardian traits he also has amazingly Acute sense with he can focus on virtually anything in the universe. Though he spends most of his time in Asgard the heroes of earth often seek his help to see there enemies.

And secondly is the jester. The jester was born in a circus his mother a bearded lady and his father a  strongman. As he grew he became and acrobat due to his amazing agility which was assumed to be just a natural talent. After his circus was robbed and forced to close down he tracked down the thief and murdered him. But his anger grew the police didn’t help the circus and people just saw them as amusing freaks. He vowed to get revenge on a world that hated the different. He became the villain known as the jester and often trick and murders people. But he has been defeated by the Legendary Legion on various occasions though this just makes him hate them more. The power he was born with mean he has super-agility, reflexes and he can also climb along walls and ceilings.

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