(The crowd cheers loudly when the AWC theme music* starts to play.)
*Foo Fighters – The Pretender
 COLTRANE: Hello, and welcome to AWC, the Awesome Wrestling Championship. I am Adam Coltrane, alongside Eric Messina, waiting for this Friday Fight Night to begin. Hello, Eric.

 MESSINA: Hey, how ya’ doin, Cole? Yeah, this will be another great night here at AWC. Today will be the day the fighters who lost at the very first AWC match last week will demonstrate that they could take that defeat and shake it off. But is also the day the last week winners will show one more time why they’ve won last time.

COLTRANE: That’s right, and looks like the announcer is ready to begin the match.





ANNOUNCER: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… from Acapulco, Mexico… weighting 198 pounds… EL CHICANO!

(The crowd cheers Chicano as he enters the ring)

COLTRANE: Everybody loves some masked luchador. I mean, just listen to the crowd, Eric.

MESSINA: Yeah, I’m listening. But, soon, this cheers will turn into silence, because with today’s opponent, Chicano won’t have the same easy win he had last match against Max Archer.

COLTRANE: I don’t know, Eric. I think Chicano is a box full of surprises. His athleticism and high-flying skills will be a differential for him at this match.



ANNOUNCER: And his opponent… From Bilbao, Spain… weighting 256 pounds… “The Spanish Pride”… VICTOR CRUZ!

(The crowd cheers Victor as he enters the ring)

COLTRANE: Now, Cruz may not be as loved as El Chicano, but the crowd still likes him. But, I still think he needs to prove himself after the defeat against Scott Black.

MESSINA: What happened last match was an injustice. The booker put an example of sportsmanship, an Olympic wrestler, against that deranged, maniac, Scott Black. Black’s victory was an upset last match. The crowd hated it.

COLTRANE: That’s not how I remember the last match. As a matter of fact, the crowd roared when Blacked catched the win against Cruz. Let’s see if today is a lucky day for the “Spanish Pride”


Cruz and Chicano begin the match, both showcasing their main abilities. Cruz trying to take the fight to the floor with grapples, and Chicano showing why he has the fastest feet on the company.

The struggle between these two continues during all the match. Cruz tries to do his signature ankle lock at Chicano, but the luchador gets away. Chicano stuns Cruz with a scissor kick and starts to go for “La Cruz Voladora”…

…but, in mid-air, Cruz catches Chicano, surprising the crowd, and applies his finisher, “Victoria”. The Spanish Pride, to make sure, repeats the spot on the ankle lock, which makes Chicano tap out.


Winner – VICTOR CRUZ by submission


COLTRANE: What a solid win by Cruz, Eric, and I hate to admit it, you were right.

MESSINA: Of course I’m right! I am ALWAYS right. Cruz deserved that win. He’s a hard worker on wrestling, and that victory showed why.

COLTRANE:  Oh, and look at this! Chicano offered Cruz a handshake and he accepted. What a nice gesture of sportsmanship.

MESSINA: You know what? I’ve changed my mind on El Chicano. If, at the future, he and Cruz make a tag team, we might have a treasure in our hands, Cole.





ANNOUNCER: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… from Seattle, Oregon… weighing over 250 pounds… KEVIN PERRY!

(The crowd cheers Perry as he enters the ring)

COLTRANE: And there’s Kevin Perry coming out to the ring, Eric. What a superstar. Last match, he put up a great AWC debut match against Justin Meyers. This guy has a bright future ahead of him, do you agree?

MESSINA: Well, I agree to disagree with you, Cole. Perry is a false alarm, you know? One of those guys you see once, and you think they’ll be superstars. But, give him a couple of fights and you’ll see the jobber he truly is.



ANNOUNCER: And his opponent… From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… weighing 260 pounds… “The Hard Rock Kid”… PAULO ROMANO!

(The crowd cheers Romano as he enters the ring)

COLTRANE: No one can denies how infectiously charismatic, this Brazilian wrestler is, right Eric?

MESSINA: Cole, I think Paulo Romano is nothing beyond a troublemaker.

COLTRANE: Why’s that?

MESSINA: He’s obnoxious, a show-off, who just wants to cause trouble. I’ve heard he and Scott Black were even seen hanging out lately. This troublemaker with that maniac… I dunno, Cole, but good things won’t come out of that.


Another match of drawing abilities: Romano showing his powerhouse habilities (big boots, clotheslines, atomic drops) and Perry showing his wrestling style (combos, backdrops, facebusters).

During the second half of the match, Perry starts to have some advantage: he counters numerous attempts from Romano, including his signature drop kick from the high ropes, and applies his own signature, the running knee.

At the end of the match, Justin Meyers comes out of nowhere and goes to the ringside, distracting Kevin. Paul took advantage of Perry’s distraction and applied a leverage pin.

Winner – PAULO ROMANO by pinfall


COLTRANE: What a match, Eric. And what a great comeback by Romano. He snatched the victory at the last second.

MESSINA: Yeah, but he only win because Justin Meyers came out of nowhere and distracted Perry.

COLTRANE:  Maybe, Meyers is still upset for his defeat at the match last week against Perry itself. Maybe he is looking for a rematch.

MESSINA: And, maybe, the right guy wins this time. Meyers is such a great talent, not like this fake nice-guy wannabe-wrestler.





ANNOUNCER: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… from the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing 293 pounds… TREVOR – THE TANK – JACKSON!

(The crowd boos Jackson as he enters the ring)

COLTRANE: Trevor Jackson sure is an intimidating fighter, right Eric?

MESSINA: Intimidating? He’s freaking scary! Just look at his size. No wonder they call him “The Tank”: he has the power to steamroll anyone on his path. And since he lost his first match, against Paulo Romano, he’s even angrier.



ANNOUNCER: And his opponent… From Miami, Florida… weighing 243 pounds… “The Viper”… JUSTIN MEYERS!

(The crowd boo louder when Meyers gets back at the arena)

COLTRANE: Justin Meyers maybe is smaller than Tank Jackson, but he doesn’t feel intimidated.

MESSINA: Oh, Meyers is a predator as well. And he’s also angry since his defeat against Kevin Perry last week.

COLTRANE: Yeah, that might been eating him inside. I mean, a couple of minutes ago we saw Meyers distracting Perry so he could lose to Romano. We might know Meyers for his fists, but, and I hate to admit, he used his brain this time.


Jackson and Meyers put up a clinic at the third match of the night. Meyers tried to tire up Jackson, but the Tank soon managed to turn the tide, putting him in grappling holds and throwing him around the ring.

Jackson went for the “Wrecking Ball” backbreaker, but Meyers stunned him with the elbow, managed to get out of his restraints, and applied his “Viper Bite”. 1, 2, 3. Meyers wins.

Winner – JUSTIN MEYERS by pinfall


COLTRANE: And Justin Meyers, has the win this time. Truly, a solid victory.

MESSINA: True that, Cole. But, look at Jackson, he’s extremely frustrated. So far, he’s the only AWC fighter to lose both fights so far.

COLTRANE: Yeah. Well, let’s see if, next week, “the Tank” can get back to his feet.





ANNOUNCER: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… from Malibu, California… weighing 212 pounds… accompanied by Christian Archer… MAX ARCHER!

(The crowd boos Archer A LOT as he enters the ring)

COLTRANE: Here’s the self-proclaimed “Face of the AWC”, Max Archer. Honestly, I think this guy is just full of himself.

MESSINA: What? Cole, you’re been close-minded now. Look at him, he’s got everything an AWC fighter needs: the looks, the charisma… the bank account…

COLTRANE: Yeah, but does he has what it takes to be a fighter? To be a champion? So far, I am unimpressed with him.

MESSINA: You, know what, Cole? I truly respect your position to be completely stupid.



ANNOUNCER: And his opponent… From Detroit, Michigan… weighing 239 pounds… “The Maniac”… SCOTT BLACK!

(The crowd roars in support for Black)

MESSINA: Ah, this is ridiculous, Cole!

COLTRANE: What’s ridiculous, Eric?

MESSINA: Listen to the crowd, Cole! Cheering this degenerate Scott Black, that’s ridiculous! This guy doesn’t belong to the ring, he belongs at the sanatorium. Poor Archer, he will be slaughtered today.

COLTRANE: Well, if there’s something Max Archer is not, it’s definitely poor.


Black showed his predator style at the very start, prompting a pretty much one sided match. Three minutes later during the confrontation, he applied his “Pitch Black” facebuster on Archer, to finish the match already. Black went for the pin, but Archer kicked out at two.

Black, infuriated, went to complain with the referee. Taking advantage of the distraction, Mr. Archer gave a brass knuckes to his son which hit Scott’s head with it. Black fell unconscious, making Archer go to the pin.

Winner – MAX ARCHER by pinfall


COLTRANE: That was disgusting. Such a cheap move to win. And look Black can’t get up, he’s unconscious.

MESSINA: Haha, yeah!! I love it! Finally, that madman got what he deserved.

COLTRANE:  Are you kidding me? That was a dirty move by Max Archer and his father. These guys are evil.

MESSINA: They might be “evil”, as you say, but they are a necessary evil. I would feel more confortable seeing Archer win than this Scott Black guy.

COLTRANE:  Well, that’s it for this week. Keep tuned next time for more AWC Friday Fight Night!!