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In a fit of creative unfocused-ness, I was going back through this thread and noting all of the characters I have made reference to that haven’t been seen since the early pages of my old thread (or that I just haven’t created at all yet). The first character I made reference to was Deus-X from my Clockwork team. I originally created him because I’m a big fan of the TV show, Person of Interest, and I started thinking about what it would be like for a human to have access to as much information as The Machine on that show (which would be every piece of digital information on Earth).
Shaded and upgraded, here is Deus-X:
 photo Deus-X_zps4c762a5d.png
Name: Deus-X
Alias: Dr. Abanme Juto
Team Affiliations: Clockwork, Atlantis
Race: Human
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Powers (from Deus-X suit): Flight, Access to every piece of electronic information on Earth (or any habitable planet he visits), Can translate any Earth language, as well as Unarian, Moord’rian, and Atlantean, into any other available language, Enhanced strength.
Abilities: Superior intellect and memory capacity, Expert hacker and computer programmer.
Bio: Abanme Juto was a highly gifted software engineer recruited as a replacement for the deposed Dr. Elizabeth Stein at HallowGen. In a few short months, Abanme helped re-engineer (and in many cases, improve upon) all of the tech stolen by Dr. Stein, even using her data transfer technology in conjunction with spare P.A.T.C.H. parts and a modification of his own UAP (Universal Access Protocol) interface to create the ultimate in omniscient data access gear, the Deus-X suit.
Frank’s last encounter with the B.R.I.D.E. forced Abanme to don the suit, becoming Deus X for the first time. He ultimately reversed the information flow from his suit into the B.R.I.D.E., causing her to overload and crash.
Abanme has since been appointed as head of security (both digital and physical) at HallowGen, and most recently joined Clockwork as the team’s chief information analyst. He also serves as liason to the Unarian and Atlantean peoples, and has developed a close personal and professional relationship with Atlantean Ambassador Icthya, frequently providing assistance with events arising from the hybrid conspiracy.
Since putting on the suit, Dr. Abanme’s already superior brain power has been pushed to its limits by the constant flow of digital information. Like Frank Hallows, he has become dependent upon his suit for his survival. Any attempt to interrupt the connection between his mind and the suit’s digital interface could result in anything from insanity to brain death.
Note: Ju and To are Japanese words for the cardinal number ten, while Jubanme is the ordinal expression, tenth.