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(The crowd cheers loudly when the AWC theme music* starts to play. Soon, Mr. David Thompson enters the stage, goes inside the ring and announces)

*Foo Fighters – The Pretender

THOMPSON: Welcome to AWC, Awesome Wrestling Championship!! I am the owner, David Thompson. It’s my pleasure to announce that today will be the first friday night of fights. (crowd cheers again) We have eight of the most talented wrestlers of the country here, facing each other at the next four fights tonight. So without further ado, let’s meet our AWC talents:



Your typical face vs heel match. Kevin Perry began with a good momentum, applying great grappling moves, but Justin Meyers would stop him by reversing a clothesline and applying an armlock.

But in a true underdog way, Perry escapes from Meyer’s grasp and starts a comeback. Just as Meyers is about to counter, Perry applies a superkick and finishes Justin with the “Perry Power” finisher.

Winner – KEVIN PERRY by pinfall


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