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Ok here’s my entry

The nose is on the alien, the insignia is on both the lady’s leg and her right shoulder, the belt is used for, the straps from her crotch to the leg guard thing and the aliens vest tabs and belt.

Selena “The Clawbeast” Lockhart, galactic outlaw, pirate and leader of the solar dragons.
Her companion is an alien C’zsthabbhac or just Karl “the mind smasher” for short.

Officer Hendricks stared at the data sheet, the news was bad, Selena Lockhart was on the hunt again.
Hendricks sat back in his chair wondering why it was the Lockhart had taken to crime in the first place, her childhood was almost unremarkable, the only event of note was her birth.
Lockhart had, not been born in the normal sense, she was more crated in a geneforge on Tanos IIV.
But even that was not uncommon out in far rim.
A short military career during one of the lesser alien wars had left her with a bionic hand and a war pension.
And then it happened she promptly disappeared, for 3 years not a trace.
Then she reappeared, a changed woman, 20 centimetres taller, 40 kilos heavier and sporting a disintegrator claw in the place of her old bionic hand.
aboard the star yacht Hummingbird II.
It was what happen in those three missing years, that was the mystery.