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I was writing a really big review when out of nowhere, my browser crashed.

Since I’m not feeling really talkative anymore, (Actually, what I am feeling is more akin to what Darth Vader was feeling when he yelled ‘NOOO!’) I’m gonna keep this short and reasonably bittersweet.

Loved that dreads mane by Funkmachine, but equally admired the dread-yarn by Herr D. Tie. And also, Dread-yarn should be a word.

While I like the over all pic, Funkmachine, I found the legwear item as a legwear item a bit… dull. There fore I prefer Herr D’s legwear craft bag. Herr D wins the round.

Another little nitpickin’ nugget, why is she just… holding a trumpet? I mean, I feel  as if I’m missing something. Is it supposed to look like a whip? Is it part of her attire? I have no idea, so this one goes to Herr D’s mirror-tumpet.

Herr D wins, 2-1 !

Now pick three items and let me mourn for the ten minutes of my life wasted in writing a judgment killed so cruelly by a crashing browser. Thou shalt be missed, lost words.