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here are Ellie’s (birth) parents, Alstromeria and Alexander.

Alstromeria is a witch, she’s a bit Morticia Addams-ish, or more accurately like Yuuko Ichihara from xxHolic. She’s spooky but nice and mothering. She’s an Elf, with a mix of the Fae equivalent of Scottish and Slavic heritage. She’s very witchy, a little childish and likes to play up her spooky side even if she’s more of a dreamy stargazer type.

And her father Alexander, who was originally a patron of Alstromeria’s when she worked as a Courtesan. He’s kind of a Tony Stark like character, and the Most Interesting Man in the World(tm). Elusive and not a very good Dad. Gur/Rashemi heritage(Romani/Slavic). Professional philanderer and compulsive inventor.