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Here are her sisters. First up is Lily, who was adopted by a Noble family as a child, as her(and Ellie’s mother) felt she couldn’t raise her after fleeing her village and starting work as a courtesan.

She’s generally polite, well spoken and respectful and sometimes has a rebellious streak from running around with her sister, Ellie, as the Prismriver Sisters, a freak folk act who put on shows around Waterdeep. Unfortunately lately she’s become a little too assimilated and Ellie is trying to pull her away from her adoptive family. She is also a Bard, but uses a bow rather than a staff for her magic, and plays the flute rather than the fiddle. She’s also a better singer, and enjoys making tea for people, a habit Ellie has picked up.

Next up is Emerald. Emerald and Lily are unrelated, except through an ancestor(Emerald’s mother is Lily’s great great great grandmother or something like that – Elves!), she shares a human father, Alexander the Artificer, with Ellie. She’s a Chaos Mage and can be a bit unpredictable.

And last, there’s Penelope, who prefers to call herself Penny Dreadful. She’s a Half Succubus, also Alexander’s child, and was trained as a master thief/assassin. She’s kind of messed up from being a sort of child soldier/bioweapon.