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DUDE! The limestone Katanga Slab, and the story is seriously kewl!
At first just looking, I thought, MAN with my eyesight that is that faded out I can barely see it, then I read the awesome story with it, and looked again much harder and it’s just so great.

Being a long time Machinist, but fairly new to the forums, I have looked through your past entries, and your art just amazes me. whether it’s your characters, steam punk stuff, biological augmentations, snow encrusted clothes, group shots, tigers, guns, canons, engines, vehicles, coat of arms, buildings or memoriam to a friend as well as the inspiration and stories that goes with it. You are truly talented.

PS, I am going to steal the hood as lower robe to redo my portrait of haiku master Matuso Basho, just telling ya now. 😀