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Made these guys shortly after the forums went down, I’ve decided to include them in the larger Saviors universe as I like the idea of the two teams clashing.

THE EIGHT – A mysterious group of posthuman martial artists. They seem to have no set base of operations, operating in all parts of Asia, but maintaining themselves closer to Tibet than not. They are based on the Eight Dharmapalas, wrathful bodhisattvas of terrible power, protectors of Buddhism and the Dharma.

PACIFIER: Ostensible leader. When in a state of perfect calm he can manifest astral limbs of tremendous strength, hundreds at a time if need be.


DESTROYER: A terrifying warrior. He wields the Bhava Chakra, the Karmic Wheel of Life, composed of living energy. It does not harm physical matter, but rips through the souls of his opponents, absorbing their life force to add to is power.

OUTLASTER: Conqueror of death. He cannot die, his body in a constant state of self-regeneration. His fighting style is a brutal and often suicidal hand to hand assault.

MENDER: A powerful healer, Mender can manipulate life energy to cure disease, heal injury, and even calm a troubled mind. He has a very close bond with Outlaster.

BENEFACTOR: A mirthful mountain of a man. He is nearly immovable. As a bestower of wealth and prosperity he has the ability to transmute any material he touches into a precious metal or gem. If he touches any such material he can convert his body into a living statue compose of it, vastly increasing his strength and durability.

SEER: The only female of the Eight, she has sight beyond sight. She can see evil intentions and ill omens, even able to glimpse into the future. She can bestow sight unto inanimate objects, using these talismans in battle to give her a 360 degree field of vision.

GIVER: An outspoken pacifist with the temper of a warrior, Giver’s abilities embody this duality. He houses two portals in the palms of his hands, sealed at all times except for in great need. The portal in his right hand unleashes a roaring surge of destructive crimson energy at all times. The portal in his left hand absorbs all things, forming a crushing singularity that pulls matter into it from all directions.

PROTECTOR: His sole existence is to protect the Dharma and its followers. His armor is impenetrable, his swords can cut through anything, and the mystic heart of his Great Enemy beats in concussive bursts of force.