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IT’S BEEN SO LONG. (hyperventilates)>>(regains composure)>>(ahem)

Anyways, I’ve been sitting on these for a while. IMAGE DUMP.

Here’s the remaining members of Beacon (the name given to my teen superteam)!

Heather Morris
Bio: Heather was a captive aboard the same vessel that took Brett, indeed there were a handful of other people on board, but the medical experiments they were subjected to were far more invasive and exploratory. Of the few that survived extraction from the craft, only one or two lived longer than a few months. Heather was a different case. She had been on board much longer, having been abducted in the mid 90s as a child. In between procedures and recovery she was kept in stasis, so her physical age was closer to the teens than the twenties. Brett becomes very protective of her and they form a close bond. She agrees to use the abilities given to her to aid the team, as a non-combatant only. She is a pacifist at heart and hates unnecessary bloodshed.
Abilities: Heather’s body and neurology was experimented on over the course of almost twenty years, subjected to all manner of unknown procedures using highly advanced technology. Despite appearing biologically human and possessing no physical enhancements, she is an immensely powerful teleporter. She can phase matter in and out of space-time, transporting it across vast distances instantaneously. She was left physically blind, but Heather can sense the space-time continuum intuitively all around her and uses this extra sense to navigate her environment.

Michael Valenzuela
Bio: Michael’s father was a former bodybuilder obsessed with the perfection of the human form. His wife died in childbirth, and his intense grief gave way to madness. He isolated himself and Michael in a cabin on the outskirts of town where he subjected him to experimental hormonal therapy and strict regimen of diet and exercise designed to maximize his strength. Eventually Michael’s father began to delve into more radical forms of treatment and started dosing Michael with a black market steroid derived from posthuman DNA. It had proven ineffective in other individuals, but with Michael’s unique physiology the steroid was able to activate and granted him superhuman strength and durability. Eventually to fund his ‘research’ Michael’s father turned to a life of crime, convincing his devoted son to join him. Michael knew their actions were wrong, but acted out of loyalty to his father. When his father eventually met his end in a massive confrontation with police, Michael was remanded into the custody of the US government. They were unsure of what to do with him. He was both a minor and a posthuman criminal. Eventually Almanac of the Saviors organized his release into the custody of Peak and his team as a way of training him and keeping an eye on him.
Abilities: Michael’s exposure to the posthuman steroid granted him tenfold increase in muscle mass and density almost instantaneously. At resting he has superhuman strength and proportionate durability in the 20-ton class. He can ‘pump’ himself up and increase his strength and mass exponentially, pushing his strength to the 100+ class. He can only maintain this state temporarily, as prolonged transformation tends to wear out his circulatory system and causes him to black out. Extended use of this ability has the potential to kill him.

Auryn Zek
Bio: A mysterious being from an hidden society founded on the worship of light. He was cast out of his society for coming into contact with something known as the Great Darkness and becoming infected by its power. He turns to Beacon for help, as forces from his former home have also crossed over, aiming to exterminate the darkness he carries at any cost.
Abilities: Auryn’s unique physiology makes him stronger/faster/more agile than a regular human being. He can survive without food and water for a much longer period of time as well. His skin gives off a phosphorecent glow at all times, save when the Shadow covers him. His greatest abilities lie in the Shadow grafted to his body. It’s a living organism of pure darkness, that can absorb and extinguish nearby light sources. A living armor that protects Auryn, he can also manipulate it into making tendrils, claws, limbs to use in battle.

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