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Cool! It looks like everything is working for me, so let’s get down to business. Back to Shadow Sanction and the next member of the team, Winterforge.

Created before recorded history when magic reigned supreme as a weapon against her master’s enemies, “Winter” rebelled against her master. In a fit of rage, she covered the surrounding lands in ice. Sorrowful for what she had done, Winter cocooned herself in ice and slept until modern times until she was discovered deep within Antarctica. Unbeknownst to the team, and possibly to herself, she was once human, but was used as a host for the Winterforge entity. Intertwined psychically, Winter exhibits multiple personalities from whimsical to stone-cold killer to frozen by fear.

To create this character, I look at a lot of images of blue ice. I think I did decent job of capturing the ice effect, well. Tell me what you think.

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