The Future of the Character Design Challenges

Hey Machiners!

Due to my school schedule taking more of my time. I have decided to run the CDCs every two weeks as opposed to weekly. So, the next CDC will start on August 29, 2021.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see in future CDCs, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks so much,
David Juby

6 Responses to The Future of the Character Design Challenges

  1. NerdAndProud says:

    Sounds good. I would love to do more of these mythos ones. The Horsemen and 7 sins were fun

  2. Ubiquitous Pixel says:

    Prepare for a long list here.
    Just some off the top of my head

    -A scenery/background photo (beautiful, scary, epic, action, events, disasters, science, space, fantasy, etc) and make a character that compliments it.

    -Make your favorite actor/actress into a hero or villain.

    -Have a description of a hero or villain (powers/abilities/personally, etc) and have the contest be to create their perfect nemesis/archenemy/opposer.

    -Parasite/Virus based character. Even computer virus.

    -Cyborg characters

    -Nature based characters.

    -Have an insignia (from Heromachine) and make the hero/villain who’d wear it.

    -Lovecraftian themed.

    -Classic monsters (vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie, etc) and make them into a hero.

    -One week have a villain based on an Angel and the next, have a hero based on a demon.

    -Choose a song (like a theme song, from YouTube maybe) and make the character who goes with it as their theme.

    -Characters with advanced armor (like Iron Man).

    -Realistic like hero (for lack of a better word) made to look like they’d be possible today. Think like kickass and how his costume looked.

    -Make a mascot for a popular company.

    -Make a character based off a pun, one liner, or play on words.

    -Take a household item or common item and make a character out of it.

    -A character based off a month of the creator’s choice.

    -Take an object and give it a story or power. Make a corresponding character based on the object’s abilities if worn/held

    -Hero/Villain based on a color.

    -Comedic hero trying to be taken seriously. Example of mine would be my character Cluck

    -A character based off an idea or object or theme, and have it be the opposite. Like for an example; a smiley face is meant to show happiness and smile. Have simple smiley face be used as a villain to mock the meaning. Another example of mine would my character The Sadist

    -A character based on a common problem or inconvenience. Best example I can think of is my character Papercut

  3. Ubiquitous Pixel says:

    Is there a way to list things on here or create multiple paragraphs? I have a couple ideas, but when I tried to post, it was turned into a giant run-on sentence. That’s no fun to read.

  4. djuby says:

    Thanks UP. I am going to steal a lot of these.

  5. Ubiquitous Pixel says:

    You’re welcome! Always looking to help!

  6. The Atomic Punk says:

    I have been lurking for years. Thank you, Juby for continuing CDC.