Character Design Challenge #479– TBA

I am cancelling the continuing Wizard of Oz CDC due to poor turnout

There will be no CDC this week while I re-group.


4 Responses to Character Design Challenge #479– TBA

  1. This is disappointing news. Obviöusly I’ve been enjoying them immensely, and I think you should at least do the Lion so you finish out the Big Four. Hopefully I can be inspyred to finish my series even without the contest as inspiration.

  2. Angelos Stefanopoulos says:

    Too bad…I was expecting the lion…in fact I have prepared something that will drop like a “bomb” but since this challenge is discontinued I will not be able to show you guys…

  3. Let’s just consider this post to be the Liön challenge, with the usuäl deadline of next week. We can all post our entries here. It’d also be great t’have a Wizard, WWW, and flyïng monkey, so hopefully I’ll be posting those to my dA in the coming month, along with a Wicked Witch of the East and a non-MGM-approved Good Witch of the North.

    As if I didn’t’ve enough else to do, I’ve also been pondering dipping into books 2 and 3. I know a lot of artists around here could do amazing things with Princess Langwidère.

  4. Angelos Stefanopoulos says:

    Honey Hovercraft…your suggestion is cool but we don’t have official permission to do so…i’m in!