Let's look at posing with the program.

When we all started using HM, we all start with the basic pose.

This is the easiest to accessorize with all the costume pieces and items.  Let's skip on how the final pic will look and play with changing sizes and angles on the body items. We all have different views on what shape people should be.  Reading comics for years has shown me that there are many different takes and styles that artists use to depict their characters.  So why not experiment using the versatility of the program.  In the example below, I have not changed any items used for the body shape above, but have changed sizes and position.

Not a huge change, but a little more dynamic for a posing superhero or medieval knight.  When I first started, this opened my eyes to how I wanted MY heroes/villains to look.  I started looking for references pics and use them to create some dynamic poses.  I call it "Bending the program".  Soon I started to progress with knowledge of the pieces and how they would "bend" to what I wanted them to look like.

I encourage you to play with this exercise to create better foundations to making some awesome pics!

Cheers, 'machiners!