CDC #455 – Team Building – Volume 3 – Part 12 – Results

Great job again this week guys. Some very creative takes on the character, in both the art and those who expanded on the backstory.

Honourable mention this week goes to Kellkin.

Great light effects, although the costume itself is a tad predictable. Just my opinion.

Runner up is Forgiven Monster

Great pose and use of items, and the non costume as costume I really appreciate.

And the win this week goes to...

Tartan Panda. Two wins in a row is rare (mostly because I make it rare), but this is great!

The costume is very well done, but what pushed this into top spot was as much in the writing as in the drawing. The tragedy that led to the loss of a limb and control of his powers, to the subservient role he was forced into as a result, to his re-birth at the hands of Invidia. All great. Not to mention the marred "Shock and Awe" poster in the background.

Your prize will be posted to the blog later this week.

Thanks to all who entered.

One Response to CDC #455 – Team Building – Volume 3 – Part 12 – Results

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    Great entries for this challenge. Everyone wrote a unique origin. Really creative stuff! Congratulations, Tartan Panda!

    So much to say about Tartan Panda’s Shock. He is a comic-ready villain. He has a complete background story that explains his motivation. He has an arch-nemesis in his own brother. A complete explanation of his powers, how they work, with opportunities for development and surprises. All brought together in one amazing design.

    The storytelling is amazing itself. Shock’s hatred for his brother is obvious. The rage evident on the poster with the visible spiked glove. Rather personal for a meta who can throw bolts of energy.

    The poster itself depicting brothers side-by-side in youthful glory. The aging of Shock. The disdain in his expression. Slumped against the wall.

    The left arm. The choice of purple while the relaying energy is blue really pops. The positioning of the receptor offset from where his shoulder would be. Inspiring design choice. The larp shoulder armor like a gladiator. Just solid.