CDC #445 – Team Building – Volume 3 – Part 2 – Results

Man oh man! You all showed up this week with guns a blaring! So many great entries! So much so that I cannot pick an honourable mention. Scott Weyers, NerdAndProud. AMS...heck...everybody's entries are worthy of mention. Well done all!!!

Ties for Runner Up this week are Kellkin, who nailed the whole Alien vibe...

...and Thudersong who gave us an elegant Invidia. From the waist up this is remarkable. Great job!

And the win this week goes to...

Christi S!


You tapped into Invidia's reality bending in a really creative way, and I love the use of the portals to display her true image. Congrats and well done you!

I have to admit the thought of tackling this character in a way that honours your original is daunting. Lord knows I will give it my best! Your prize will be posted to the blog later this week

Thanks to all who entered.

5 Responses to CDC #445 – Team Building – Volume 3 – Part 2 – Results

  1. Thundersong says:

    Congrats Christi! Totally awesome work!

  2. ams says:

    Congrats Christi! Great creative entries by all this week. Thanks Djuby!

  3. Herr D says:

    Zowie. Congrats, CS. Good stuff, guys.

  4. Christi S says:

    Funnily enough, I actually intended for the main picture to be her true image and the bubbles to be like the blossoming illusion. But then, when I finished it, I realized it could just as easily (if not easier) be interpreted the opposite way; actually kinda what inspired the “relative” text lol. Anyway, ty all n lovely work allaround… btw, did anyone else notice that on the “telepath” prompt, almost all of us went with bald or near-bald character designs lmao? I blame Prof X.

  5. Christi S says:

    Btw Djuby, as to daunting… if u wanted to just do a full-body of the version you see trough the portals I would NOT be mad at you… I always like the way you reinterpret character designs n it would be neat to see what your head filled in off those peeks… just a thought!