CDC #434 – The Joker is here – Results

Interesting week this week. Some great circus themed entries, just a little light on the villainy.

Honourable mention goes to HerrD for Rube.

The colour and composition is great - just a little hard to judge as a "character design challenge|" That being said do not change a thing. No one else does what you do, or brings such creativity to HM3.

Runner up is Human Pincushion by Kellkin.

A great rendering of a circus themed character, but again, kind of light on the villainy. Perhaps if his villain name was Voodoo and he could cause pain in others by piercing his own skin. Just an idea.

And the win this week goes to...

NerdAnd Proud for Gemini

Kudos for attempting a conjoined twin character. Both this and your other entry Bed of Nails are still kind of villain light - nothing says I am not a villain like a red and blue costume covered in stars - but Gemini seemed to have more villain potential.

Your prize will be posted to the blog later this week.

Thanks to all who entered.