Poll Position: Marvel’s Greatest Supervillain

So, in our last poll we asked the question as to who you guys thought Marvel's Greatest Superhero is/ was. So this week let's ask the alternative, who is Marvel's Greatest Supervillain.

As per usual, I've given you 10 to start with and you can enter your own answers. If a psuedonym has been used by more than one character (e.g. Adrian Toomes Vulture vs. Blackie Drago's Vulture) can you leave the civilian identity along with the villains name the character takes. You can vote for as many characters as you like, but can only add an answer once a day. The poll will be open until the 16th, so a week on Friday.

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Now, a quick note on Venom, because I know he will probably be added to the poll and I would like to give my reasons as to why I feel he probably shouldn't. As with Hulk last week, I won't prevent him from making the list should he be nominated and recieve enough votes, but I haven't put him as part of my starting 10 for a reason. He's just too heroic. Sure he started out as an out and out villain and has gone back to that well now and again, but as the character's popularity grew, he became more of an anti-hero (it didn't even take him 10 years before he was fighting the good fight alongside Spider-Man, as uneasy as that alliance was). Even as the Eddie Brock version, who would be the version most likely to be nominated, Venom had his own series where he was fighting for good (well as good as it gets when you're an alien symbiote with an unhealth zombie-esque obssession with brains) against other, decidedly more villainous symbiotes. Now, after a brief sojourn back to the dark side courtesy of Mac Gargan and the Dark Avengers, the Flash Thompson version is just a flat out hero and , whilst that's great for character development, it isn't all that great for great villainy. Even in the movies he's appeared in Venom has gone half and half, being the villain in Spider-Man 3 and the hero (all-be-it an unorthadox one) in his own movie. So, yeah, that's why I don't think Venom should be in consideration, but I'll leave that one up to you guys.

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