Okay folks, I have been remiss is keeping up with you all. Between work, con prep, and dance prep (for the younger spawn, not me), I haven't been around. Originally, I was going to do a cosplay update but I saw a little something about some info on Star Wars Ep. IX coming and I thought I'd maybe wait and see.

Everyone. We have a title. We have a glorious 2 minutes of trailer. It's for real, guys.


Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Christmas plans set. As in, this is the last film of the saga, I will be there opening night, possibly in costume.

This was my honest-to-goodness reaction after seeing the trailer for the first time.

But let's have a quick look at the trailer and the things I love/noticed.

-Mark Hamill voiceover? Yes please.

-The lightsaber! Is that a white blade? Love it.

-Run away from your TIE fighter? That's only what you think, chump!

-New planet? Or not? Didn't Jyn and Cassian go to a planet like that to find Galen Erso?

-Ren with the saber bodyslam. And he's so extra he's going to rebuild his old helmet, now with red accents. Now it matches his lightsaber. He's got that Padme fashion sense.

I'll just leave this here

-Poe looking like he just walked out of Uncharted, and Finn with Rey's staff!

-Cute new droid? I want eighty of them.

-Lando and Chewie in the Falcon! I honestly misted up a little.

-The medal! And Leia! I'm gonna cry like a baby, aren't I? #carrieonforever

-Death Star wreckage? Death Star wreckage!

-Wait, where's R2?

-'No one's ever really gone' and then Palpatine laughs. Whaaaat? The? Heck?

So yeah, the hype train is full steam ahead. For me, at least. Just... don't read the comments on any of this. Be kind to yourselves, you don't need that kind of negativity. Let us all instead bask in the new Star Wars trailer, ponder the meaning of the title, and see what happens come December.