CDC #406 – Post Apocalyptic Warriors – Female Edition – Results

Lots of range in this weeks entries - from gritty realism to fantastical. Great work as always folks!

Honourable mention goes out to Superfly30. Great composition and a tricky pose.

Runner up is JR19759. A powerful pose and great details.

And the win goes out to...

Meniukas for this stunning and emotional piece of work.

The tortured stance, item use, and background are simply brilliant. Well done you!


2 Responses to CDC #406 – Post Apocalyptic Warriors – Female Edition – Results

  1. Herr D says:

    Yes–very nice. Not the easiest subject.

    As a sugg to djuby–a familial pairing with a dominant emotional msg? Father teasing to child indignant? something like that . . . [sees family portrait contest] . . . like that, only you’ll get more interestingly complex variations on contests if you go with pairs imho.

  2. meniukas says:

    Wow, I didn’t even notice that I won. I was very busy traveling these past few weeks. Thanks djuby for picking my work.