CDC #378 – Check Mate! – Results

So there were only two entrants this week, which is beyond disappointing. On the plus side, however, THEY BOTH ROCKED! So the co-winners this week are...

Herr D's white pawn whittler...

and Soldering Gunslinger's Vampire Spawn pawn

Both will receive a version of their character rendered in HM3 by yours truly. Your prizes will be posted to the blog later this week

One Response to CDC #378 – Check Mate! – Results

  1. Herr D says:

    Awesome. I am honored to have created an old guy on par with a monster! In any case, djuby, it’s not important as a design element, but you might find interesting that since I was making black and white, I snuck in a yin and yang. His collar flap and the top of the pawn he’s carving.

    @SG: Your winged nosferatu are posed quite well. The foreshortening was done excellently.