Titans Trailer Drops

Well, back when I did my last list on what DC characters I'd like to see DC adapt to live action next (about a year ago), the Teen Titans took up the top 4 slots.And now the trailer for the live action Titans TV series has been released so let's see what's going on...

Warning: Contains Foul Language And Violence


I wanted it, I got it... and I don't want it anymore.

Like, literally the entire tone feels off. Everyone can whole-heartedly agree that the worst part of the DCEU was how dark they made the earlier movies and the CW has a major quality problem with its darker episodes. So it just makes sense that they'd make the Teen Titans (a team who are at their best when they're more light-hearted) a grim-dark series. I know it's just a trailer but it doesn't feel right. Robin is edge-lord 5000 (and he kills people, because God knows people didn't complain about that enough when Batman vs Superman came out), Raven is a scared little girl (rather than Madame du-snark), Beast Boy doesn't use his one second of screen time to crack a joke and Dove, THE AVATAR OF PEACE, slices someones leg off with her wing and puts someone eyes out. Just as long as we stay away from the New 52 version of Starfire (whom, I have no problem with the casting for btw, and neither should anybody on the basis of race, because Starfire in the comics is an orange alien, you can't be acurate to that irl, sowho cares if she's played by a black girl), we won't have awefulness bingo.

One thing I can say in positive is, I can see potential in what I have seen, I can see where they can go to make the series a lot better than its first impression would lead you to believe it will be. The creators have the credentials to make it work and I like the casting choices.  Let's just hope that this is more Arrowverse than BvS.

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5 Responses to Titans Trailer Drops

  1. G. W. says:

    Agreed. That was a bad trailer. I don’t have an issue with the basic idea of a darker take on the Titans (heck, right now I’m reading the really good “Terror of Trigon” storyline from New Teen Titans, which isn’t exactly Winnie the Pooh), but there’s a difference between using darkness as a tool, and using it to make your work seem “cool” or “mature.” This trailer was dark, edgy, and violent for the sake of being dark, edgy and violent, and went against several basic elements of who the characters are. If nothing else, the trailer did give us all the hilariously terrible moment of those two particular words he said about his former partner (I almost burst into laughter at that part because, like much like Dick in-universe, it’s just the writers pretending to be mature, despite proving the exact opposite).

    Though I should note that I don’t think Dove sliced the guy’s leg clean off, and the image wasn’t clear enough to tell that it actually was Dove and not Hawk. Not that she isn’t too violent elsewhere in the trailer.

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    Not a good first impression. DCU really needs to tone down the violence for violence’s sake. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is rough but doesn’t feature gratuitous stepping on the villain’s face or dropping F-bombs.

    The casting is off. I agree with you, JR. Robin is a punk. I don’t see Raven developing into Ms. Sarcasm. Even the half of a second of Beast Boy, he looks far too serious. Body make-up or even digitally coloring Starfire’s is possible. At least she turns orange when she uses her power. As long as she’s not “Slutfire.”

    I really like the Arrowverse and The Flash. The crossover events went smoothly. The first season of Black Lightning went alright. Supergirl lost me completely. Legends of Tomorrow can be hit or miss. Season 3 was mostly miss.

    Meanwhile, over at Marvel, I am really liking Cloak and Dagger on Freeform. Though if it goes a certain direction, it might tank. We’ll see what develops in the lead up to the season finale.

  3. William Peterson says:

    Excuse me, do you know where I can buy about a Gallon of Brain Wash? I need to get that trailer out of my head, badly…

  4. Arioch says:

    Is this supposed to take place in the murderverse?

    Because this looks like a teenage boy’s view of “mature”, which fits right in with their recent superman movies.

  5. CantDraw says:

    I wished they had started with the last two words of the trailer. That way I could have turned it off and not wasted those precious minutes of my life.