CDC #369 – Team Building – Part 9 – Results

Gonna approach this a little differently this week. Rather than honourable mentions and runners up, I have selected a top four this week, all of which are more than deserving of the win. Basically I am hoping that talking through all four will help me make a decision.

First up...Xinmodic.

Probably the least aerodynamic of all the entries. That being said, the colours are dead on, although I do question the practicality of running really fast while bare chested. Dude's nipples would be like hamburger! Ouch!

Next is Calvary Red.

Big fan of the costume itself, but not a huge fan of the colours as there is already a hero team member who is predominantly in white. Really like the mask and emblem.

Next is Kellkin.

Really dynamic pose and I love, love, love the background. Not a big fan of the lightning bolts - a bit "Flash-y" for my taste, but the costume is solid.

And finally Ubiquitous Pixel.

Great pose and shading as usual. Would have preferred a different base colour, again based on the fact that there is already a hero team member in blue (Bluejay from Part 3)

Well that actually helped a little. This week the win goes to...

Xinmodic! As long as he allows me to cover this poor guys nipples when I do my version.

Congrats, and thanks to all who entered