Caption Contest #115 Results

Ok guys, last week I asked you all to come up with the best caption you possibly could for this anime still:

And the top 5 are:

HerrD: You know that feeling on Candy Crush when you get top score for a level?

Azukanwar: Her: Babe can you be romantic and get me a rose?
Me knowing I can summon roses: Hahahaha! Mortal! Prepare to be romanced into oblivion!

Treasure Hunter: What American Beauty would look like if Hulk Hogan was cast as Angela Hayes.

The Atomic Punk: When an Elton John song plays on your iPod at the gym.

Frankie: Zangief embraces his sexuality.

It was very hard to even decide on who'd make the top 5 this week, let alone who would win. But fortunately I did decide. And so, this weeks winner is...


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