Caption Contest #113

Ok guys, time for another caption contest, where you have to come with the funniest caption for a random panel of my choosing. This week I want you to come up with the best caption you possibly can for this still taken from the first (and worst) Hulk movie:

Everyone can have a maximum of 3 entries, entries must be in by next Wednesday (Mar 14th) and All Entries Must Be PG-13

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21 Responses to Caption Contest #113

  1. gjc6664 says:


  2. gjc6664 says:

    Remember kids, hulk brushes his teeth twice a day everyday, and so should you!

  3. gjc6664 says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Jolly Green Giant appears to have turned radioactive and gone on a missile-devouring rampage across the country. This is why you should never eat vegetables.

  4. The Atomic Punk says:

    Om nom nom!

  5. Treasure Hunter says:

    1. Bruce is really gonna scratch his head when he looks in the pot tomorrow.
    2. The original Norton anti-virus.
    3. Like McGruff, Hulk likes to take a bite out of crime.

  6. WillyPete says:

    “Me LOVE General Ross! He always send me the BEST Taste Treats!!!”

  7. Drinkfluid says:

    Hulk took the phrase “Rocket Lolly” a bit too seriously.

    Rocket lollies, for those who don’t know, look like this:

  8. Funkmachine7 says:

    Look Hulk make smoke rings!

  9. Thalia Zero says:

    Dentist make Bruce Banner angry hulk remove cavity his own way.

  10. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    1. A few hours later a toilet is destroyed.

  11. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    2. That gonna go straight to the thighs.

  12. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    3. At least it’s low in fiber.

  13. The Atomic Punk says:

    How to force-feed the Hulk a lousy script.

    Of course a gamma-irradiated monster uses atomic toothpicks. Duh!

  14. Zekiah Bryant says:

    when you come home from school and you eat anything in sight

  15. Herr D says:

    1. “Lecric TOOTbrush”
    2. Flambe! Now eat Hollywood producers!
    3. Why the Hulk had an I-C-B.M.

  16. punkjay says:

    Hulk thinks this bad tasting cigar!

  17. Azukanwar says:

    “This no Hulk’s Slim Jim.”

  18. Frankie says:


  19. Calvary_Red says:

    1. “Eh, what’s up, doc?”

  20. Sonix says:

    “Hulk, I don’t think the champagne is supposed to go that direction…”

  21. Calvary_Red says:

    2. “Occasionally, the Hulk enjoys a nice Cuban.”

    3. “Do not try anything you’re about to see at home. Dr. Banner is an expert.”