Caption Contest #103 Results

Ok guys, last week I asked you to give me the funniest replacement dialogue for this random comics panel:

And here are your top 5:

Treasure Hunter:

Whoa, look at the melons on her?
On who?
The unconscious lady under a barrel of melons.

Rekulhs Nathe:

Hipster Deadpool: Man these X-ray goggles are great.
Deadpool: You see the bad guys?
Hipster Deadpool: No, but I see Spider-Man


(StockingCap): He’s researching narcissistic megalomanic obsession on his laptop.
(NoStockingCap): Doesn’t he have anything more interesting to do?
(StockingCap): There’s a mention of us right next to the prez.

The Atomic Punk:

Bob: It’s Martin Campbell!
Deadpool: Who?
Bob: He directed Green Lantern…


Oh good lord…
What now?

But, in time honoured tradition, there can be only one. And so, our winner is....




Rekulhs Nathe

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4 Responses to Caption Contest #103 Results

  1. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    WhooHooo!!!! Victory!!! Two in a row!!! Thanks, everyone! :^P

  2. Herr D says:

    g’job, man. good stuff, guys.

  3. punkjay says:

    Sorry i liked the melon comment the best

  4. Madison says:

    Good job, guys!
    *Deadpool continues looking at Spiderman*