Character Design Challenge #333: Triple Play! – Results

Not a huge turn out this week, but some great entries nonetheless.

Honourable mention goes out to  kjr1998.

Runner Up status goes out to Lady Amaranth. Beautiful job.

And this week's win goes out to...

HerrD! I laughed out loud! Well done you!

3 Responses to Character Design Challenge #333: Triple Play! – Results

  1. Herr D says:

    Wow! [rubs more liniment on multiple bug bites] Thank you. (I’m surprised.) There are times I think that insects are the dominant life form on this planet . . . shame the bees are still having a bit of trouble. Honey is a great liniment ingredient. [nudge, nudge, wink] Have a good procedure!

  2. Lady Amaranth says:

    Nice job Herr! I like the idea a lot!

  3. KJR1998 says:

    Thank you for the honorable mention I had a great time making this guy 🙂