Who Is The Best Batman Villain?*

So, I've had something I've been wondering for a while now and I thought I might as well put the question to the community. You see, when it comes to discussing the best Batman villain, there's always one single answer. Joker. And that answer is probably right. He's the guy who's been around the longest, is the most recognisable and has done the most to hurt the Dark Knight out of any of his numerous enemies. But just saying Joker is the best does hurt the discussion of what is The greatest rogues gallery in any medium (comics, film, TV, video games, books you name it). So what I want to do is pose the question, who is the best Batman villain (not including Joker)? Think of it as we're deciding the number 2 spot as it were. I've put together a fairly comprehensive list of the Dark Knight's greatest enemies and I want you guys to tell me who is best.

You can add your own entries, but I'm not accepting any villains who are famous for fighting Batman but were originally villains for other characters (e.g. Soloman Grundy, who was originally a Green Lantern villain, or Deathstroke, who started out as a Teen Titans villain and is generally more of a Justice League adversary more than anything). You can vote for your top 10 once a day over the next week.

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