Character Design Challenge #324 – RPG Character Classes: Round 2 – Magicians


Time for Round 2! Your CDC is to create a member of the Magician Class. This is the group that includes Mages, Wizards, and Necromancers, among others.

Once again, a brief written description of the world of your RPG is an entry requirement.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. Please keep all submissions PG13. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warning. Only post characters that have been created solely using Hero Machine, and that you know for certain have never been entered in a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like the HeroMachine :,ImageShackPhotoBucket, or whatever);

  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • Please name your filesas [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you upload it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.

Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this).

This contest will close on Sunday, June 4th at 9:00am Eastern.

24 Responses to Character Design Challenge #324 – RPG Character Classes: Round 2 – Magicians

  1. Wolf Master says:

    Here’s my entry
    Short description:
    In the modern day, where magic has long since been dismissed as a fairytale, a waking ancient evil must be fought in secret to protect all of mankind.
    Olenna was taken as a child to a remote mountain temple where she was tutored in her gifts. Now she stands one of the few remaining members of the order of the light keepers, dedicated to protecting some of the most dangerous artifacts ever created.

  2. JR19759 says:

    Born in a land far to the south, Aya Ishtar is a priestess of an ancient and powerful Goddess. Her people are gifted with great and powerful magic through their faith and Aya’s faith is strong. Conducting her Goddesses power through her divine staff she can summon spirits to fight for her, cast out curses and perform powerful spells against those who would dare harm those she cares about.

  3. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    Tilluke Sinine
    In the far distance future the world is devastated by an event that causes the world to become completely frozen in ice and snow, humans flee to space and the earth is left to freeze. Yet arctic animals thrive in this new environment slowly evolving and soon create their own civilizations the two most powerful species are the polar bears and the penguins. Soon though a polar bear dominated nation declares war on a penguin dominated nation. Due to the polar bears military power they begin crushing the penguins. The penguins allies sent over a small troop of magicians to help, but the polar bears killed many of them. One of the few survivors of the genocide was Tilluke Sinine who joins Nokk Ornaz’s Fight against the polar bears. Tilluke is a minority species know as little blue penguins which are smaller then normal penguins and have blue feathers. With her magical power she must fight on in this COLD, cruel world.

  4. Drinkfluid says:

    Sharra N’livda

    An urban fantasy concept inspired by Monster Pulse (page one here for your viewing pleasure) (concept-wise) and Undertale (character idea-wise).

    Sharra N’livda is a 27-year-old fire mage living in Beckenham, South London (look it up) who stayed in her flat for 12 years (hence the Barry’s Mod shirt, which was new when she went into isolation) to study magic.

    Quick note; the wrinkles under her eyes are because she’s had barely any sleep, and the paler skin is due to lack of sunlight.

  5. StarkillerRX says:

    Mippu the Alchemist

    Born in the small gnome village of Telsa, in the kingdom of Breniel, Mippu was a very introvert kid. While other kids would play with dolls or swim at the local pond, Mippu spent days in the library reading all about the fascinating world of magic, especially elemental magic. When he reached adult age he was invited to the Arcane Academy of Alduinia, Breniel’s most prestigious magical institution. There he fell in love with alchemy. At the AAA, he met his roomate Derrick Landsen, a charismatic human, and they became great friends.

    One day Mippu made a groundbreaking discovery: The Arcane Fire, a special potion that ignites on impact. Derrick, however, stole his idea, and got nominated an official Wizard. When Mippu tried to claim his rights to the discovery, Derrick used his charisma to convince everyone the young gnome was nothing but a hack, completely destroying all his academic credibility. Betrayed and humiliated, Mippu hid depressed in his bedroom back in Telsa for years, with only his crow familiar Paracelsus as a company, until he had a genius idea: He’d travel the world in search of the true origin of all mana, to forever put his name in the history of magic – and, of course, rub it in that asshole Derrick’s face.

  6. FelipeSCard says:

    SKALDOR, a misterious travaler who keeps the arcane secrets of the last Eastern priests

    RHAENOR, Elemental master of Blue Flame

    HELORA, Lady of the Sacred Fire

    I have created a world for my campaigns named Khalledon. There ate a territory in this world: Falcon Island. Located in the core of the island, there is a fortress known as “Falcon’s Nest” where the best warriors in the kingdom have been trained for centuries. This fort belongs to one of the most important families in the kingdom, the Erindor family, whose members maintain the military tradition of forming brave warriors.
    The most skilled, intelligent and determined Warriors become members of the Secret Society known as the Order of the Peregrine Falcon, which has a temple located near the Fortress.

    These three characters are from this world, living actually in that island to explore the tombs below the Fortress, which keeps many riches….and danger too.

  7. kellkin says:

    2 brothers raised in the art of magic. One stayed the path of good…the other turned to the path of darkness…

    Geddrin the Gray…the good wizard

    And Demirus the Dark…the evil wizard

  8. Xinmodic says:

    Set in modern times, except supernatural beings are a normal part of our world. This one in particular is and Elf who studies Pyromancy.

    Standard mmo, this character is a white mage, hes the healer of the party

    3rd and 4th:
    The world is separated into diffrent religions. One of such is a dark one, full of dark wizard and witches. Here is a dark sorcerer and an evil Witch.

    A dark mage who made a contract with a dark spirit who enables him to use dark magic.

  9. Xinmodic says:

    You are inside of a hellscape, demons and monsters are the norm for life. This is a demon Wizard, with his spell book, amulet and staff.

    A future medieval tech world. Even tho the setting is in the future, they are all classed as your typical medieval mmos. This is a tech mage. He specializes on defense “spells”.

  10. Vampyrist says:

    In this fantasy world, there are several magical orders, each order signified by a color. The black order represents darkness and death, the red order represents fire and anger, and so on. The white order represents life and light and is in a constant struggle with those of the black cloth. This is a standard white mage, an adept with light spells such as the orb of blinding light he is creating here.

  11. Herr D says:

    Lalantie is an example of an elemental mage from Sufia, commonly called a Renaturer. This is an example of her ethereal form, where she cannot be harmed physically. Here she is trying to visualize perfect balance through her stardance. The goal would be to control all four elements as necessary for the equivalent length of her concentration in this form. She rolls three d20 + 5 for the number of rounds, a d8 (4 and above count as four,) and a d20 for the number of hundredweight in each element she can control. A critical roll means one thousandweight. Lalantie is a Renaturer graduate in her realm from an apprenticeship to Sufian legend Tandratu. She is appointed to lead a small group of travelers, non-powered, through the dream-marshes to the safety of Castle Joiga. INI20DEX11AGL9WIS18CON6CHA13 Magery stats: MEM16MAG12PSI14ELM17

  12. Herr D says:

    *Sorry–Crit roll means FIVE thousandweight.

  13. cliff says:

    Entry #1

    Jacques Stormwarden
    was one child of 7 in a poor farmer family. they lived at the capricious whim of the vicious weather which seemed to take delight in withering the crops, drowning them, freezing them, or pounding them into oblivion. Everyone was exhausted trying to scratch out a living from the dry soil, everyone growing thin and weak, and occasionally the old, very young died from malnutrition.
    One night Jacques himself fell into a fitful dream where a mound of dry earth rose up into a man, and pleaded with the boy to help him, to find the other elementals and beg them for him, as well as all the farmers who were suffereing this devestation. So in the dream Jacques packed a bag and went on a quest, where he everntually found three beings one of Air, one of Water and one of Fire, He pleaded with them on Earth’s behalf, but they scoffed and paid no attention to him. Sadly Jacques went off to find another way to save the Earth and his people. Downcast he stumbled along the dry dirt till he noticed a chestnut. He picked it up and opened it starving beyound all measure, there inside the nut was three names. Jacques realize he had learned the true names of the
    Elementals and went back to them and this time commanded them to do as he had said, and they were forced to do as he commanded.
    When Jacques woke from te vivid dream he was told that the family had thought he was going to die, had been in a fevor for three days, with labored breathing, a high fevor and sweats. but that all had broken and he awoke.
    Jacques knew what he must do. So he packed up a few of his meager belongings and set out to find away to bring life back to their valley.

    On his difficult travels he eventually found a wizard
    which he sought an audience with.
    The young man, who’s name was Bellamy, tended the Tower for the wizard, eventually let him in having taken a liking to him and felt for his disheveled appearance, tattered rags, sad story and determination
    Bellamy had applied as apprentice a number of years ago, but was heartbroken to find he had no magic in him.
    But he did prove to be a good servant, Eilling to take orders, energetic, good at keeping the place clean and organized. He cooked having a way with building a fire, the knowledge and use of herbs as well as the finding and growing of them, of washing and mending
    He has been there for a quite a while and let Jacques in on how things worked in the Wizard’s Tower
    Upon being interviewed by the old curmudgeonly wizard he was accepted to became his apprentice.
    The wizard himself had two goals to find the secret of transmuting base metals into gold, and the secret of eternal youth, which he spent most of his time pursuing.
    Jacques focused on magic controling the three elements to control weather to ease the burden on the Vale,
    Bellami fortunately knew the Wizards Library better than the wizard himself, and directed Jacques to all manner of Weather magic in the vast collection. Jacques poured over the collection finding anything and everything about Weather Wizardry.
    ,During this time Jacques and Bellami became “special friends.”
    Once Jacques learned to control the elements of weather he left the Tower as a Weather Wizard
    Jacques went back to his home The Valeand used his control over the weather banishing the drought and
    bringing rains to fill empty streams, ponds and rivers. About the time the farmers thought they would be floorded out, the rains stopped and the water was allowed to seep into the soil. Shortly after a few short weeks Jacques made the place grow green and lusher than ever before.
    The farmers were all amazed by the speed of their crops growth as well as the size and taste. Not long the wild game came back as well.
    There was a decrepit tall keep on top of a mountain which once was owned by a long dead tyrant of a lord, it was rebuilt by the farmers and their sons, as the wives and daughters brought food to feed the Stormwarden and the
    workers. The tall keep had a panoramic view if The Vale. The Stormwarden kept his eyes on those he swore to protect. Farmers brought tributes to him regularly for bringing prosperity to the valley.
    Neighboring villages beyond the mountains became jealous despite the Vale’s wiliness to share their bounty.
    yet some excessively greedy ones in the night and stole whatever they wanted.
    Jacques warned them on a Whispering Wind to be neighborly and not take what wasn’t freely given.
    But he was ignored and more thefts occurred taking even more of the choicest produce while leaving little. Jacques using a Whispering Wind and warned the surrounding villages again
    And a third time the valley was raided, this time the most violently yet with the raiders, pillaging, burning crops and homes while beating and raping. In furious retaliation Jacques sent Draught, Flash floods, lightning, tornadoes, freezing temperatures and hail down on them. The Whispering Wind now a Howling Gale, promising if there were any other raids, they would be wiped out of existence.
    Jacques soon became known merely as The Stormwarden.
    He became quite busy and began to take on Apprentices
    some wanted to become general Weather Wizards, while others specialized in a particular weather element.

  14. cliff says:

    Entry #2

    Spark, the Lightning Mage (apprentice)

    Marcus was a goat herder who got caught is a ferocious storm. Taking shelter with his goats, he watched as lightning split a mighty oak tree in have and caught it on fire.
    Marcus was terrified but he also was in awe of the raw primal power and it was then that he wished to control and weild such awesome ability.
    Marcus traveled to The Keep and asked The Stormwarden to teach him to throw and catch lightning.

  15. cliff says:

    Entry 3

    Prince Terrance the Illusionist

    Princess Angelique went riding with her entourage along Buckwood, they all heard hauntingly beautiful music and felt drowsy. When the princess woke up she saw a nude man, clad only in light brown fur, crowned with two goat horns, He proved to be quite friendly and offered her nuts and berries and wine. As she was about to say no thank you, he brought pipes to his lips and she found him most enchanting and ate and drank with him.
    She was returned to her waking entourage without telling of the encounter.
    Soon she became ill every morning, and was gaining weight. The ladies in waiting gossoped about the Princess condition. Soon a baby was born, but he had little horn nubs and goat legs.
    The Priest proclaimed him a demon, The princess told him of course he wasn’t he had a goat tail nota long barbed one, then she told of her woodland lover.
    The priest was horrified. but the Princess was stubborn as her father, and told him to leave. Her father came to her, but she told him this was her son, and as it was he had many “unclaimed’ offspring of his own from one wench or another.
    The princess named him Terrance after her loved terrace guardens.
    During her pregnancy she told her father she wanted the royal gardens enlarged from the current fountain, hedge maze and topiary animals.
    Flower and herb gardens were planted various trees including nut and fruit trees, a small stream and pool added to bring the feeling of the woods into the court yard for her and her son.
    The Court Magician, placed a glamour over the child so he would look human.
    The child was taught all of the courtly skills, including politics, diplomacy and the hazards of court intrigue.
    Also at an early age the court magician also taught the young buck the secret of altering his appearance. The boy wanted to learn more magic and became very talented at illusions, the more nature based the better. Prince Terrance could create a hallucinary terrain much better than he could make himself invisable.

    (there is more, but when I started writing it, it was longer than Stormwarden. So that is how a Satyr became a Prince and illusionist)

  16. cliff says:

    Entry #4

    Promus – Scribe, Sage, Pagemaster

    Promus had been an apprentice of a very unorganized magician.
    His job was more to clean up after him and organize the vast library than anything else.
    He was a bright boy, skilled in Reading/Writing, Ancient History, Heraldry,

    He organized the books, codexes, compendiums, folios, formulas, grimoirs, inscriptions, lexicons, libriums, manuscripts, plates, portfolios, scrolls, tablets, texts, tomes, treatises.
    As he did he, of course, looked through them and taught himself some magic to make his job easier and faster to have more time to learn from his teacher.
    He found however he liked magic concerning books and knowledge.
    Spells such as Dust, Dry, Mend,
    Continual Light
    Detect Forgery,
    Detect Lies,
    Obscure Truth,
    Organize Books,
    Bind Book,
    Invisible Page, Explosive Glyphs,
    Summon Book,
    Locate Information,
    Copy Page,
    Illusionary Illustration,
    Etc …

    During this self education he eventually became a Sage.

    Although never actually taught by the Magician, he stayed with him, continuing to clean and organize for him

    Eventually the Magician grew sick, he told Promus he was leaving the Library to him upon his death.

    Promus looked through herbals and found some herbals to help the Magician, extending his life for a number of years.

    Promus continued his learning and he became a self proclaimed Pagemaster

  17. cliff says:

    Entry #5

    Cedaric Evergreen

    Son of a satyr and Dryad he was, for some reason, born more goat than man.
    He has goat horns, ears, yellow goat eyes with horizontal iris, a dark goat nose, and goatee,
    his torso, arms and hands were human though covered with white fur.
    His legs are those of a white furred goat, with tail and cloven hooves.
    He wears an Elven Cloak which helps him blend into his surroundings. He also wears a belted green tunic, and has living ivy curled around his forearms.

    He has typical Satyr abilities
    Jumping, Move Silently, Hide, Hear Noise, Wilderness Survival,

    He loves to drink and carouse like almost all satyrs, and even has a love of music and dancing but he never had the ability to create reed pipes or play them,

    He did have green thumb at a young age: Direction Sense, Foraging, Herbal ism, Agriculture, Weather Sense,

    Somehow through his connection with the Green, he could even mystically Commune with it and make it do things at his will.

    Eventually Cedaric learned he had more than one shape:
    He could polymorph into a full goat,
    a full goat headed satyr,
    A head with many but not total goat features – His natural form,
    a typical satyr with mostly human head with the exception of horns and ears and goatee,
    and lastly a full human.
    He prefers his natural form, but his other ones come in useful.

    (This is the first goat featured satyr I’ve ever done, hope ya like him, I think I do)

  18. cliff says:

    Entry #6

    Al Hazarad – Pyromancer

    OK, I didn’t come up with a background for Al Hazarad.
    He was the first Magician I did for this contest. As some long time people may remember, I’ve done lots of Pyromancer/Fire mages.
    But I noticed there were SEVERAl already posted, so I almost didn’t enter him. Luckily I have no shortage of mage ideas, just time to create them
    But in the previous Fighter contest I had made a village blacksmith named Bjorn (What are the chances that another had already been posted? So I didn’t post him. I had woke up that morning just wanting to make him for me for fun, I had watched all of the Hobbit, LotR movies again, and had a Dwarf smith thing going on in my head, although I made him a Nordic human. I named the character after my pediatrist: Sven Born. My character’s father was named Sven)
    But I can’t NOT post because I’m afraid people are going to wonder if I stole an idea, when “I” know for a fact I came up with it myself. Right?

    PS. another reason I didn’t post, mine was less armored and although shaded faily well I wasn’t sure he would win. 😀

    PPS. So that’s why Al Hazarad doesn’t have a background. But I still wanted to post him.

  19. meniukas says:
    That was the easy part… In advance I’m sorry fo the grammar, english is not my first or even second language.
    Everybody knows that mages have three names, one given on birth, second the real one securely sealed in the anals of magic and the third given by the people for his deeds. So many young mages after the academy roaming Norad kingdoms, seeking any adventures possible to earn his third name.
    This is one of thees nameless mages.

  20. kellkin says:

    As a little girl growing up in England, Alana was always fascinated with the magic of the old times. One day while visiting an old antique shop, she came across a very old box. The sign on the box read “Please do not touch-not for sale” Well of course being young and adventurous, she opened the box. She saw a very old crystal orb, as soon as she touched it, it started glowing, and she cound feel this great energy flowing through her body. Filled with elation she closed the box, put in her satchel, and hurried home. As she got home, she reached for the nob to open the door, and the door swung open by itself. The crystal orb that was in her satchel began to glow even more. Shaking, and spinning, it transformed into a powerful staff. She soon realized that she can alter reality by just thinking about it. She uses her newfound powers to help the world.

    She is…Condra The modern Mage

  21. kellkin says:

    As a little girl growing up in England, Alana was always fascinated with the magic of the old times. One day while visiting an old antique shop, she came across a very old box. The sign on the box read “Please do not touch-not for sale” Well of course being young and adventurous, she opened the box. She saw a very old crystal orb, as soon as she touched it, it started glowing, and she cound feel this great energy flowing through her body. Filled with elation she closed the box, put in her satchel, and hurried home. As she got home, she reached for the nob to open the door, and the door swung open by itself. The crystal orb that was in her satchel began to glow even more. Shaking, and spinning, it transformed into a powerful staff. She soon realized that she can alter reality by just thinking about it. She uses her newfound powers to help the world.

    She is…Condra The modern Mage

  22. djuby says:

    Contest closed. Results posted shortly.