Caption Contest #94 Results

Ok guys, so, last week I asked you all to come up with the best replacement dialogue for this here panel:

And our top 5 are:

CantDraw: I’m not a mutant, I just eat a lot of blueberries.

HerrD: Don’t you have any other colors?

Drinkfluid: Ok, why can I see your lasers? This room is completely smoke-free!

Lonewolf6155: I don’t suppose I can convince you guys that you’re looking for another armed blue mutant?

Jack Zelger: Uh… hey, fellas! Anybody a fan of Jennifer Lawrence? How about Rebecca Romijn?

And our winner is...


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4 Responses to Caption Contest #94 Results

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    Congrats, CantDraw. Lots of funny entries this time around.

    Personal favorite was Katmir: “Hey, YouTube! Which gamer girl got SWAT-ted? THIS girl!”

  2. LoneWolf6155 says:

    Is it wrong that I thought of a funnier entry after the contest is over. Congratulations CantDraw btw.

  3. Herr D says:

    Congrats, man.

  4. Katmir says:

    1) Congrats, CantDraw hahaha
    2) Thanks, AtomicPunk.
    3) I heart the caption contests. They’re tasty, and stay crunchy in milk.