Character Design Challenge #316 – Strike A Pose – Results!

Hey ‘machiners!

First, thanks for letting me judge this week’s CDC.  It was my suggestion to have a contest on action poses to challenge you on focusing on the foundation of your pics.  I read a couple of statements on that it was more of a challenge than first thought.  Hopefully we can revisit this subject in future CDC’s with a pose theme like dance or maybe even martial arts.  Hmmmmmm…..

Some interesting entries this week with a wide variety of poses.  Now as I’m looking for the strongest pose that was entered, I am looking at anatomy, completion of body, centered weight of form and just does it makes sense what is going on without a description.  Applying all that, I have come up with my finalist….

Superman punch by kellkin

Great fluid pose that grabbed me right away.  Anatomy can be tightened up with size of hands and head adjustment, but the weight of form shows the subject going for the knock out punch to finish the fight.

Congrats kellkin!!

Keep on ‘machining, everyone!