Character Design Challenge #313 – Hitting The Road – Results

Note to self...vehicular contests?...not so popular...

Not a lot of entries this week, but I have never been this conflicted between two contest entries before.

On one hand there is Kellkin's car.

Creative use of items, nice colouring, solid, literal appoach to the brief.

And then there is SprocketSauce's Colossus.

Also creative in item use and beautifully coloured, this is a less literal approach, but there is something very powerful in this image.

So after much thought the win goes to SprocketSauce, with a huge high five to Kellkin for these great examples of what HM3 can do.

2 Responses to Character Design Challenge #313 – Hitting The Road – Results

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    Congrats, Kellkin! Both of your entries are solid “post-apocalyptic.” Very true to the genre was we know it from Mad Max, Death Race 2000, Steven Jackon Games’ Car Wars, and futurism in Cold War-era pop culture.

    No disrespect but Sprocket Sauce’s entry is just mind-blowing. A caravan is a mode of transportation even on foot. The story-telling is amazing. The Colossos is a war-worn relic of the wasteland. A protector perhaps regarded as a last hope or savior.

    Its very design is graceful. The use of items, the scale, the colors, the shading. I can tell that Sprocket Sauce has studied Extremely Epic’s works with great care.

    @Sprocket Sauce: Tip of the gas mask to you! I nominate Colossos for the HeroMachine Hall of Fame. So far, 2017’s Character of the Year!

  2. Herr D says:

    VERY nice. Both of you.